The Lea-Kelly Law Office handles all types of family immigration matters including:

  • Green Card Petitions for immediate relatives and family members of U.S. Citizens and Green Card Holders (either inside our outside of the U.S.);
  • Green Card Petitions for Battered Spouses or Children;
  • Green Card Petitions for Person’s born to a foreign diplomat while in the U.S.;
  • Green Card Petitions for Widow’s of U.S. Citizens;
  • Green Card Petition’s for Fiancé Visa Holders (K nonimmigrant visa holder);
  • Remove Conditional Status of a Green Card Holder;
  • Self-Petitions for Green Cards for person’s with extraordinary abilities;
  • And assistance with renewing or replacing an expired or lost Green Card.

Employment and Business

An opportunity for work can take a person all over the world. The Lea-Kelly Law Office can ensure your employees and their family or your employer have nothing to stress about and the job can start immediately. We offer the following services for employment immigration:

  • Green Card Petitions for a job offer while the employee is inside or outside the U.S.;
  • Temporary Worker Permits for any type of position your company needs to fill (Seasonal, specialty worker, Extraordinary, including the popular H-1B visa);


The United States is full of opportunities in the business world and there is a Visa or a Green Card for individuals and their families that meet certain qualifications in the business world. The Lea-Kelly Law Office can assist the following individuals and more:

  • Investors/Entrepreneurs willing to make certain investments in the U.S. (EB-5);
  • Temporary Visa’s for individuals willing to make investments in business in the U.S.;
  • Green Card Petitions for individuals who are deemed extraordinary in their fields.

Identity Verification

Many marriages and relationships begin online. Most times, the person you are texting, e-mailing, chatting with, and many times speaking with is a real person. But there are times when the person you are communicating with is a scammer who is only seeking to separate you from your money. The Lea-Kelly Law Office has the tools to verify the identity of the person you are speaking with so you can sleep easier. And if the relationship progressing, we can handle the immigration paperwork so there is no delay if you both want to take the relationship to the next level.